■ IDT printers for ceramic products offer the following features

-Use of ceramic or organic inks in the same printer

-Full range of bright ceramic and organic inks

-Up to 16 colors

-Inks are dry immediately after printing without any special drying process

-Printing directly on ceramic tiles or porcelain

-Extreme accuracy and repeatability (< 0.1mm)

-Multi-layer printing

-High resolution up to 1440x1440dpi

-High printing speed up to 48m2 per hour

-Active print area up to 3,2 x 8 meters

-Material thickness up to 90mm

-Auto-load feeder option for large sizes

-Suction table option for transfer paper (decal paper)



  • ・Width: 1600~3200mm
  • ・Length: 1800~6000mm
  • ・Print Speed: 4.8㎡/h at 1440dpi, 18.9㎡/h at 720dpi
  • ・Material Thickness: MAX90mm


  • ・Width: 600mm
  • ・Length: 900mm
  • ・Print Speed: 2.4㎡/h at 1440dpi, 9.4㎡/h at 720dpi
  • ・Material Thickness: MAX40mm